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By curating your unique and meaningful objects, we recreate your space, amplify joy, and enhance your life.

PICTURED: A holiday extravaganza, curated by CURATE Cincinnati.

David founded Curate Cincinnati in 2022, after working twenty-plus years in the field of commercial exhibition design.

He and his talented team inspire refreshed spaces with seasoned solutions, amplifying your personality and style.

His extensive global design work gives him a polished skill set he uses to creatively solve your concerns.

David looks forward to hearing from you, and hearing all about your project ideas.


Curate Cincinnati Examples

Suburban Home Makeover
Renovated Urban Home
Refreshed Home Exterior
Mid-Century Modern Home

Suburban Home Makeover

(Move slider left and right to see before and after.)

Like many early twentieth century homes, the exterior trim was painted with a single color. By selecting a studied palette of several colors, in rich contrast to the dark brick, the result is a more welcoming destination for this client. 

Our creation of darker window frames extends the mass of the brick façade.
The adjacent new trim color highlights the details of the secondary building material (stucco).


Powder Room



Back Deck

Renovated Urban Home

(Move slider left and right to see the back kitchen wall closed, and then open.)

Transforming a nineteenth century commercial space into a home was a challenge for these homeowners. They moved from a suburban residence with numerous furnishings that required major curation to work in the new space.


With careful arrangement of their Art and object collection, and strategic use of color and pattern, we gave them a sophisticated look to a large and previously-traditional space.


Custom Kitchen Lighting

Curated & Displayed Artwork

Curated & Displayed Artwork

Refreshed Home Exterior

(Move slider left and right to see before, and then after.)

Our clients wanted to update their home of 20+ years. This request included replacing the Palladian windows, vinyl siding, and upgrading details found in a typical “built for spec” construction. 

All elements combined revived this dated residence to our client’s delight!


We created a warm color scheme, added new lighting, a new entry door, and restated the porch columns.

Warm Color Concept

After, Up Close

Color Reference

Cool Color Concept

Mid-Century Modern Home

(Move slider left and right to see before, and then after.)

We created a more period-appropriate color scheme as well as repointed the brick stairs. These changes give new life to this classic 1956 post-and-beam structure with expansive glass walls.

Cedar ceilings and trim add to the warmth of the marvelous period interiors.


The architect intended the building to appear as though it grew out of the landscape; therefore the home’s subtle forest color scheme allows for an accent of a complimentary color

Living Room, Dining Room


Living Room Area (alternative view)

Outdoor Area with Planter/Area Divider

Curated Highlights

Illuminated Valance
Drapery Drama

Energetic Pasta and Culinary Images at the Kitchen Stairs

Whimsical Arrangement of “Visitors”

Art Glass Items Positioned in Mirrored Cabinet

Rear-Lit Display Deck Features Paperweights

This client had multiple collections of art and objects embodying themes such as Food, Visitors, and Underwater Treasures. We assembled images of robust cooking elements up the staircase in the kitchen and hung photos of early “visitors” to the building in the bar.

We constructed a color changing and dimmable light deck to feature their glass paperweights of sea creatures in a glass cabinet.

Sketch for illuminated Valance and Drapery

Mood Board Suggests Pin Spotting Art

Today’s Technology Provides the 0pportunity to Focus Lighting Inside a Tight Space

Finished Installation Allows Painting to Glow in the Room

These clients wanted to complete a bedroom renovation with a painting featured above the headboard. Faced with a peaked ceiling, we constructed an upholstered valance and integrated miniature spotlights that illuminate the contemporary artwork and softened the installation with antique satin drapes.

We constructed a color changing and dimmable light deck to feature their glass paperweights of sea creatures in a glass cabinet.

Valance of Graphic Cut-Velvet Punctuates Office Window.

Valance of Damask Material Adds a Finishing Cap to the Room.

Guest Room with Draperies Drawn Against the Windows.

Finished Installation Allows Light to Glow When Drapes are Opened.

Draperies and valances enrich spaces by adding texture and soften rooms, making them feel more intimate and inviting. Here are examples of our treatments to two spaces using pleated fabric, hung from vintage cornices that have been silvered, and ripple fold linen draperies for adjoining guest bedrooms.



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